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2015 Chinese Astrology Horoscope: Year of Pig People

2014 Chinese Zodiac Characteristic People born in the Year of the Pig.

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2015 Chinese Astrology
People born in the Year of the Pig

Tai Sui victims in year 2015:
People born in the year of Ox, Goat, Dog and Rat

Born in the Year of
/ Ox / Tiger / Rabbit / Dragon / Snake / Horse / Goat / Monkey / Rooster / Dog / Pig

Chinese Horoscope: Pig (Hai)

1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007

Luck for the year of the Wood Goat 2015

Hardworking, Giving, Willing, Helpful, Materialistic, Naive, Oblivious, Obstinate

Tolerant, Dreamer, Careful, Dignified, Affectionate, Kind, Progressive, Straight forward, Simple

Reserved, Naive, Excitable, Selfish, Secretive, Impractical, Willful, Obstinate

Praise, Food, Comfort, Home, Family, Spending

Tiredness, Argument, Work

Order of Animals: Twelfth in Order, sign of honesty
Hours ruled by Pig: 9.00 pm to 10.59 pm
Month: 12th Moon
Season: Early Winter
Western Zodiac: Scorpio
Ruling Planet: Mars
Force: Yang

People born in the year of the Rabbit and Goat

Excellent Career:
Architecture, Accountancy, Caterers, Entertainers, Veterinarians, Management, Manager

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Rat / Ox / Tiger / Rabbit / Dragon / Snake / Horse / Goat / Monkey / Rooster / Dog / Pig


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