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Cure and Remedy

3 killing is in the North this year, am I allowed to place an aquarium there?

YES you can. The forces of 3 Killings will only make active when you renovate on it.

Question Posted by Samantha Jones
[Answered : 14:18:56 PM]

What are the best ways to block 3 killing?

One of the simplest methods is to avoid ground breaking or renovation on 3 killing location. But this is not considered the best method because these killing forces still exist. In order to fully disperse its negative energy, you need other special formula.

Question Posted by Samantha Jones
[Answered : 16:09:47 PM]

Nearly every Feng Shui Consultants have different theory of their own. How to choose a trustworthy one?

Trust your own instinct. If you're unsure, ask question. If something sounds too good to be true, be careful. Avoid those who beat around the bush asking for more money on unnecessary items. You can easily tell whether their services are base on superstitious theory or true logical terms.

Question Posted by Alfred Hall
[Answered : 09:23:15 AM]

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