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Office Feng Shui and setting

Arrange your working environment with Chinese principles for feng shui office.


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Feng Shui Office and Setting
Arrange your working environment

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Hi Master Jon,
I've consulted a feng Shui Consultant before moving into the new office. He told that the site has good feng shui elements but after months, our business went down. What is happening?

Can you describe more about your office structure? It will be good if you can email us your floor plan and detail of external environment. Most important at which day the renovation took place.

From what we've notice from other cases studies, at times, these problem arise for the reason that the renovation for office unit took place at a wrong timing and location. Even you'd the best office environment but without a proper time given for renovating and opening of business, business failed and went downfall.

Question Posted by Edgar Fong
[Answered : 17:40:05 PM]

Greetings from Southern California! Can you help me to solve my problem? A short time ago after moving into my new office, I suffer great financial loss on business. I was born in Jun 28, year of 74 tiger in Chinese horoscope. My main cash and information counter faces the main door, which is South direction. A 3 ft marine aquarium setup was situated at the west location beside my customer waiting tables. Do you have any comments?

First of all you should never place any moving water in west this year in your office. It will defiantly bring financial loss of any kind. Secondly, 5 yellow is located at the west palace for 2006 & we're afraid that you may did some grounding work during your marine tank setting.

Thirdly, base on your year of birth, west sector (W1), you are not allow to place an aquarium tank for the reason that you'd offended your "Official or government Sha" palace. "Official or government Sha" also means backstabbing by unfavorable people. This group of people can bring harm to your business growth. It is would be best to remove your aquarium tank as soon as possible.

Question Posted by Paul
[Answered : 16:32:05 PM]

Hi Master Jon, I'd come across your article regarding Art of Water Placement & was worried that I might violate both the Direct and Indirect Spirit rules.

Few months ago, I'd hired a Feng Shui master to my place hoping to increase both my wealth & business growth. I was advice to have a Five Ghost Carry Treasure formation in my office. In order to activate this formation, I was told to place a water fountain at Northwest location and I followed what had been told. According to what you'd written, having water feature in northwest location means violating the Direct and Indirect Spirit rules. Here's my concern, does Five Ghost Carry Treasure make an exceptional case? Lastly, how does 5 ghost treasure work? Can I use crystal?

Dear Joseph, you've already violated both the Direct and Indirect Spirit rules. Never place a water feature in Northwest sector no matter how good that spot is including Five Ghost Carry Treasure. You may encountered more difficulties in life rather than getting the benefits you had asked for.

For your final question, 5 ghost carry treasure formation is base on external environment. Your external surrounding must first have the correct type of energy flow before it make possible. Not all houses or offices are ideal for this special formation.. Not all houses or offices are ideal for this special formation and may require tilting of main door entrance to a certain degree. In some ways, crystal does work but not all the time.

Question Posted by Joseph Lim
[Answered : 19:35:10 PM]

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