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If a house itself have the best feng shui, do that mean any one living inside enjoy the same luck?

Each of us were born with different life Kua and code of destiny and enjoy different energy flow. But in a way, we do tap into similar beneficial qi flow. For example living in a harmony environment, helping one another while having difficulties or sharing the same joy.

Question Posted by Philip Winger, Greenwich
[Answered : 17:22:17 PM]

Any cure to put someone with sleepless night into good sleep? It seems I do not enjoy sleeping at all.

Yes, different location of placing one's bed for good night rest can be affected by incorrect placement for your home especially palace related to direct & indirect spirit. But you may want to confirm this before hiring a consultant. How long you have been using the same mattress? Is it out of quality? Sometimes it does happen not because of bad feng shui. We ever came across similar cases and find out that the occupant has been using the same mattress for more than 15 years. After he had change to a new one, everything solved. Please keep us upated.

Question Posted by kelly Wilson
[Answered : 11:12:35 AM]

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