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Bedroom feng shui mirror

feng shui mirror in bedroom create negative qi and energy flow


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Bedroom Mirror

I see that mirrors in the bedroom are bad thing especially if they face the bed. Since there is no way to avoid mirrors in our bedroom (we have 1 large dresser with an attached mirror) are there other things we can do to make the negative energy not so strong?

Dear Holly,
In most cases, you do not need to worries about having large mirror in your bedroom. Mirror facing your bed do not produce negative energy.

Why ancient Chinese avoid placing a mirror facing towards your bed is to prevent sudden shock while you accidentally wake up from a nightmare & saw your own imagine or reflection. If that does not disturb you much, you're free to do so.

Only concern is that large mirror in bedroom within a specific area can means enhancement of peach blossom luck (romance luck). It does no harm for singles, but for someone who is married, this peach blossom luck can bring harm to relationship because a third party may actually involve.

Question Posted by Holly
[Answered : 09:05:25 AM]

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