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Activating Xuan Kong Flying Stars

placing indoor water fountain at water star #8 location for many months but no results shown


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Flying Stars

Hi masters, I've been studying flying star feng shui on my own for several years. My question goes like this; Activating flying star #8 promises good results? I've been placing indoor water fountain at water star #8 location for many months, but no results shown. Is there anything goes wrong? Thank you again.

There are few factors you need to take note but most important, the study of external environment. This is one of the biggest mistakes that were often made during an audit. Many people got the habit of jumping straight into internal property without studying the external flow. Activation of star #8 will only show results if it is tapping with the correct energy flow from the external.

Other factors to take note, to name a few: Incoming and Outgoing Gua reading of a person, Main door direction and Annual Affliction.

Question Posted by Nancy Wong
[Answered : 17:28:34 PM]

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