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Feng Shui for office environment

Apply feng shui in your office and working environment.


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Office Feng Shui
Harnessing of beneficial Chi for working environment.

Hi Master Jon,
I've consulted a feng Shui Consultant before moving into the new office. He told that the site has good feng shui elements but after months, our business went down. What is happening?

Can you describe more about your office structure? It will be good if you can email us your floor plan and detail of external environment. Most important at which day the renovation took place.

From what we've notice from other cases studies, at times, these problem arise for the reason that the renovation for office unit took place at a wrong timing and location. Even you'd the best office environment but without a proper time given for renovating and opening of business, business failed and went downfall.

Question Posted by Edgar Fong
[Answered : 17:40:05 PM]

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