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Feng Shui Myth or Truth Section

Frequently Asked Questions, Myth or Truth in Feng Shui aspect.


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Myth or Truth
Frequently Asked Questions in Feng Shui aspect with Master Jon & Auntie Liu.

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Question posted by
Culture / Belief

leaving the toilet seat up flush away your wealth?
Simon Ong

Keeping small bowl of gold fish in bedroom means loss of wealth?
- Robert Teng, KL
Placing a pair of Fu Dogs guarding the door bring in good qi?
- Tang Bee Leng, NZ
Pictures of water feature in the bedroom leads to loss of money?
- Alfred
Having an audit done on the 7th month in the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival cause bad luck?
- Winnie & Dave
Good luck charm are part of classical feng shui?
- Wei Wei
Placing Tie Shu (corn plant) and cactus at home means loss of wealth?
- Lynne
Throwing Mandarins into the lake ritual increases love luck.
- Marie Orrill
Mandarin duck figures helps to resolve relationship problem and improve love life?
- Sara, West Canada
You must never put a fountain or an aquarium in the kitchen.
- Anonymous

Attractive symbolic cures work entirely on a psychological level, and in no way incorporate with authentic Feng Shui principles.
From an article written by Nurelle Motiwalla.
- Fravia Phua

Kitchen sink represents water and stove represents fire, it shouldn't be too near to each other.
- Ho Caren, kuala lumpur
Never sleep with both legs pointing to the door.
- Angie
Colouring of living hall plays a major role in creating the chi for your home?
- Zacky
When a black fish died in the aquarium, it means they're absorbing negative energy and sacrificed when something bad is going to happen?
- Boon Wee, Singapore

Q & A :: 1 | 2 | 3 | >> :: Page 1 of 3
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