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Feng Shui Myth or Truth Section pg2

Frequently Asked Questions, Myth or Truth in Feng Shui aspect.


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Myth or Truth
Frequently Asked Questions in Feng Shui aspect with Master Jon & Auntie Liu.

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Question posted by
Culture / Belief

True practitioners must be Taoism.

Our Comments:
Anyone interested in the chinese metaphysic can become one. Not necessary a Tao.

Too much of Earth destroys Fire?
- Anonymous
Displaying a Guan Yin Goddess at home ward off evil spirits, at the same time bring occupant filled with happiness and peace.
- Sean. B F
Displaying a water feature in your reception area bring prosperous luck for business?
- Nellie

Our Comments:
Make sure you know what kind of energy flow is being located at your reception area. Wrong placement of water feature will lead to negative influence.
Stove should place at unfavorable location to suppress negative energy.
- Etta, US
Placing telephone and fax machine at your wealth corner attracts money?
- Shelia
Business card in red good for me? My helpful element is fire?
- Adwin, Boston
Placing fresh flowers in your peach flower position is said to bring romance.
- Earnestine

Our Comments:
This can be a myth and truth depending on what kind of remedies you'd used. It is either base on personal peach blossom location or studies of suitable energy flow in your house sector. Be sure to locate the correct spot.
Feng shui shows no result at all due to incompatible time and date applied.
- Francis Koh, Singapore
8 regarded as a lucky numbers that represent growth and development. Number 9 represents fullness of earth.
- S.E Toh
3 coins tied with red thread hanging on the door bring bundle of wealth to owner of the house?
- BiBi, Batam, Malaysia
Stroking the laughing Buddha¡¦s belly dailn bring us good luck
- Jack
Sailing ship located near my main entrance improve career & wealth luck?
- Hannis, Bishan, SG

Q & A :: 1 | 2 | 3 | >> :: Page 2 of 3
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